Gastronomy at the End of the World

Ushuaia is the southernmost city on our planet and apart from its spectacular landscapes it offers a great variety of flavors to make your trip a unique experience!

In Patagonia Mapps we tell you what are the recommended options for your palate to enjoy as much as you do, find your free map and enjoy the discounts that some of these places offer for you!

Tante Sara Café & Bar

A classic of Ushuaia based on quality … a unique corner, which you can not miss!
A place where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, the best hamburgers, amazing sandwiches, cocktails, beer thrown and the best pastry.

Address: Av. San Martín 701

Tante Sara Pasteleria & Resto

A modern place that combines an excellent bakery and pastry shop with a small restaurant… and more than 40 years of Fuegian family tradition!
Rich and abundant breakfasts, natural and fresh lunches, impressive snacks and a careful selection of breads and artisan pastries.

Address: Av. San Martín 175

El Mercado, Southern Traditions

food plate in El Mercado, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

The restaurant is located in a flourishing and emerging corner of the main avenue, where an attractive gastronomic pole is forming.
The Market offers a modern and warm atmosphere with vintage decoration on the ground floor and a beautiful view from its small terrace on the top floor. The menu combines options for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner … with a typical proposal of the classic Argentine still lifes.
They also offer the Take Away option to enjoy your dishes in the place you prefer!

Address: Av. San Martín 1488


plato de comida en Christopher, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Born in the cradle of a Fuegian family dedicated to gastronomy for over 40 years, they combine rustic cuisine with regional flavors, the best grilled meats, excellent beers, classic and signature cocktails and a careful selection of Argentine wines.
Its privileged location achieves unique landscapes, wonderful late sunsets and the best atmosphere … making your lunch or dinner a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Address: Av. Maipú 828

La Cravia

mesa con comida en Arakur, Ushuaia

Fuegian flavors can be enjoyed at La Cravia, which offers both Argentine and international dishes both buffet and à la carte.
Argentine grill, crab, lamb and black hake are some of the dishes available to enjoy amazing views of the Beagle Channel and the terrace that overlooks the city of Ushuaia.

Address: Hotel Arakur – Heroes de Malvinas 2617

Ramos Generales

Ramos Generales, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

It was an old Warehouse through which historical, native and gold diggers circulated. The End of the World Prison also had a relationship with this great Warehouse founded in 1913.

Today it is revalued and works as a rest bar and cafeteria. Its decoration with period objects and antiques creates the perfect setting to enjoy excellent cuisine in an environment full of mysticism created by infinite anecdotes of characters and life stories.

Address: Av. Maipú 749

Asia Gourmet

Asia Gourmet, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

It’s always a good day for Sushi at The End of the World! This warm oriental restaurant specializes in sushi with the best ingredients. In their menu they have options of hot and vegetarian dishes. They also implemented the “Take Away” option to enjoy this delicious culinary experience wherever you prefer.

Address: Av. Maipú 749

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Maria Lola Resto

Maria Lola Resto, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

María Lola Restó is the place where a warm and reserved atmosphere is combined, with special attention; the best location in the city center with windows with amazing views of the Beagle Channel; gourmet cuisine where meat, fish and seafood stand out. Its generous winery offers the most recognized labels of Argentine wines.

Address: Gdor. Deloqui 1048

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Bodegón Fueguino

Bodegon Fueguino, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

It is located in an old Fuegian house of 1896, owned by the Ivandic family, its interior was completely recycled preserving its original ceilings and facade.

In 2002 they opened the doors of this warm still life with a clear Fuegian imprint and homemade food. Today visitors from all over the world pass by him, recommended by his friends or relatives, for his delicious food, place of excellent warmth and pleasant attention.

Address: Av. San Martín 859

Marcopolo Freelife

Marcopolo Freelife , Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

The rich, healthy and natural option to eat in Ushuaia.

In their menu they offer a wide variety of nutritious and fresh foods for any time of the day.
It’s simple: you go in, choose something delicious to eat and you sit where you like it or ask to take it wherever you go.

Address: Av. San Martín 748

La estancia

La Estancia, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

In Argentina, the grill or roast is the MUST gastronomic experience by excellence. One of the best places in Ushuaia to fulfill this tradition and enjoy good meat is La Estancia.

There are two order systems: one is “a la carte”, that is, you pay only what you eat; and the other is “free fork”, that for a fixed cost you eat everything you want, including dessert (the drink is paid separately).

You can try traditional roast or Patagonian lamb, accompanied by tasty salads and various side dishes.

Address: Gdor. Pedro Godoy 155

Grut 84

Grut 84, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

This family brewery offers more than 200 types of beers including local flavors to taste, in the lounge they have many board games to entertain. They have meals such as delicious homemade pizzas, nachos with cheddar, and tapas.

Address: Gdor. Paz 285


Santos, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

This traditional bar is very popular with travelers and locals, it is centrally located. This is the perfect place to have a chat with locals and with people from all over the world. they also have food including snacks, hamburgers and pizza.

Address: Av. Maipu 773

We are waitingt for you at the End of the World to explore its gastronomic world with Patagonia Mapps.

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