The best Gastronomy in El Calafate.

Pack your bags and leave room in your stomach! If you go to El Calafate do not forget to try these incredible gastronomic options! Take a look at your El Calafate Free Map and taste the best Patagonian dishes in the Land of Glaciers!


It is the oldest restaurant in El Calafate. The specialty of the house is the PATAGONIAN LAMB, although we cannot underestimate the recipes with beef, loins, steaks and vacuum. There are also delicacies such as trout and Salmon.

Do not forget to try the provolets, the lamb tongue and the pickled Patagonian hare. Desserts? A delicacy apart.

Address: Cnel. Rosales 26


Since 2002 they offer the best homemade meals served in clay pots. Stews, cakes and homemade pasta. An original and fun atmosphere with good music. The dishes are plentiful and there is a wide variety of options on the menu, including vegetarian and celiac food.

Address: Av. del Libertador 1876

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Ideal for breakfast or snack time!

This warm bakery is located in the center of the city, the smell of freshly baked bread invades the street and it is impossible not to be tempted to try some delicacy. With German roots the owners delight in healthy and homemade baking!

Address: Av. del Libertador 1329


Wanaco, located in the center of El Calafate, a traditional bar with an excellent variety on the menu. If you are looking for hamburgers there are all kinds; meat, lamb, guanaco, chicken, veggie, trout and prawns, gringa, patagonian, gourmet; basically the flavor you want. They also have soups, french fries, drinks and delicious jugs.

Excellent choice for the whole family, they also have vegetarian and celiac dishes!

Address: Av. del Libertador 1091


It’s always a good day for Sushi in the Land of Glaciers! This beautiful Asian restaurant also offers the “Take Away” option. Within their varied menu they have woks, pad thai, noodles and of course sushi for all tastes! It also has vegetarian and celiac options!

Address: Av. del Libertador 1796


With a little cold and fruits they make the best ice cream in Patagonia. They have up to 90 exquisite flavors, traditional and own like Lemoncelo, Calafate and Pisco Sour.

The ice cream shop also has a Cafeteria sector to take an infusion and taste its pastries.

Address: Av. del Libertador 115

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If we talk about beer, La Zorra has 12 caulks of Calafateña Craft Beer that they produce with Glacier water. Fast food restaurant is perfect to share with friends and meet traveling people. There are hamburgers, different sandwiches and the inevitable fries!

Address: Av. del Libertador 832


Charming place in the center of El Calafate. Borges and Álvarez’s decoration leaves anyone with their mouths open. Hundreds of books available to visitors and written phrases everywhere create an original evening at any time of the day.

Classic cocktails, Patagonian breakfasts and snacks, lunch and dinner accompanied by live music and DJ’S.

Address: Av. del Libertador 1015


Walking along the Costanera you will find the Chacrita de Nimez, an unquestionable stop for a beer or coffee in front of Lake Argentino and its beautiful natural views. This family project initially started with the one of artisanal gastronomic products and then added classic argentinian dishes and craft beer.

Address: Costanera Kirchner 410

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Colorful and fun CREPERY. Fans of artisanal food, grandma’s soups and breaks to enjoy a special and fun time. Within a unique environment, Viva la Pepa offers the best sweet and savory recipes. It has puzzles and toys for the whole family to enjoy a delicious break.

Inside the menu, you can find tempting dishes of vegetarian and celiac food.

Address: Amado 833


It’s time for sweet craving! As in all Patagonia can not go unnoticed that desire for something sweet and in Koonek you will find just what you are looking for. This well-catered Alfajores factory has flavors and colors for all tastes. Watch out! It is impossible to taste just one flavor!

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Address: Av. del Libertador 932 / Espora 33


Patagonian Steakhouse, the perfect place to combine good food with stunning views of the city. It is a bit isolated from the center, but do not worry if you go without a car, the restaurant offers free trasnfer from your hotel.

Perfect occasion to try the traditional Patagonian lamb and Argentine roast.

Address: Puerto Deseado 242


In the heart of the city we find the restaurant La Cocina with its specialty in homemade pasta and risottos. To try a little of everything you have as an option a tasting of pasta!

An excellent option to try a delicious homemade pasta in El Calafate. Fried ravioli are their registered trademark!

Address: Av. del Libertador 1245

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Kau Kaleshen is undoubtedly the place to find flavors that surprise you.

The tea house offers you a delicious variety of tea in strands with cakes, pies, muffins, scones made at the moment and homemade jams!

For dinner you will find options such as cheese fondue, risottos, ragout of Osobuco with quinoa or lamb and Patagonian trout, among other dishes. Desserts and entries with an unbeatable quality.

Address: Gdor. Gregores 1256

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After a full excursion day, in Oveja Negra they are waiting for you with a variety of local craft beers accompanied by tapas, snacks and live music!

Address: Av. del Libertador 761

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We wait for you in the Land of Glaciers to travel its gastronomic world by the hand of Patagonia Mapps.

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